Deep local knowledge, extensive expertise and international experience

With our extensive expertise and decades of experience, we provide our clients with value added consultation and advice to support their operational and strategic goals. We ensure that we fully understand our client’s needs to deliver bespoke services that truly meet those needs.Read More »

Risk solutions
A full suite of services and solutions to meet your needs

Applying our expertise in risk, credit ratings, structuring and insurance, we can implement solutions to reduce the credit risk of the lender or end investor, improve the efficiency of portfolio sales, optimise the capital treatment of asset exposure or enhance the economics of securitisation structures.Read More »

Due Diligence
A loan portfolio is usually your biggest asset, but also your greatest risk.

Effective due diligence and surveillance are key to the successful sale & acquisition of asset portfolios and the oversight of ongoing origination and servicing. At Fortrum we recognise the importance to our clients of balancing rigorous analysis and expert advice with cost efficiency.Read More »

Regulated entity 

Fortrum is the only Due Diligence firm in Europe with an AFM License for mediation. This means we are the only independent firm with specific Dutch residential mortgage expertise and the authority to review or indeed apply credit decisions before the offer is issued. This will provide investors more control and effective oversight than the current limitation to post offer checking.

Industries we cover
Consumer credit
Credit cards
Private lease
Our clients are
International institutional investors
Insurance companies

“They helped us to estimate the impact of the implementation of the MCD. Immediately after our first conversation it was clear that their knowledge and skills would help us to make the right decisions. We thoroughly enjoyed working with this team and it made us hungry for more.”

Eric Kok
Manager Productmanagement

“During the brainstorming and design phase of the MCD project at SNS Bank, the team established themselves as open and reliable partners as well as flexible thinkers. In addition to this, they have a broad knowledge of banking, are persuasive and are a valuable resource to have at your side!”

Jeroen van Bockhoven
Senior Productmanager Mortgages

“Their experience and knowledge ensured a quick, solid and good solution of the challenges encountered. Their commitment to the organization and high quality standards makes them a reliable and enthusiastic team that I like to recommend.”

Eric Janssen
Director Products & ABN AMRO Mortgages


You can rely on our years of experience

We protect your interest.

We have in-depth knowledge of the market

Great advice

We bring the highest levels of expertise to the market

Jaap van Raak
Michel van der Sluis
Simon Collingridge
Aad Jansen

Senior consultant

Peter Wormskamp
Peter Wormskamp

Associate Partner

Jenny Muller


Willemijn van den Berg


Frans Blok


Bernadette Schaap – den Heijer

Office manager

Michiel Meijer
Joost Melis
Jan van Baars

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ECB: The state of the housing market in the euro area – conclusions

Introduction The housing market has important macroeconomic and macroprudential implications for the euro area economy. In view of the duration of the ongoing upturn in euro area house prices and residential investment, which started at the end of 2013, analysing the state of the housing market is particularly informative. This article discusses the ongoing housing…

Sovereign solutions

ESBies have been proposed as a solution to the doom loop and have a seductive logic to them. Despite these good intentions, however, in practice they may fall short of their noble ambition. Simon Collingridge, director at Fortrum gave an interview in SCI Magazine.

Euro mortgage market heating up

Friday 1 June 2018 10:36 London/ 05.36 New York/ 18.36 Tokyo A thriving European mortgage market is attracting foreign investors seeking to capitalise on the low-risk returns on offer, particularly in the UK and the Netherlands. New firms such as Fortrum (SCI 18 May) are being established, offering innovative products and services to help smooth the…

Positive international reaction to news of the launch of Fortrum

There’s been a very positive international response to news of the launch of the Fortrum due diligence and risk company, with the following articles:   Mortgage Introducer Tony Ward launches Anglo Dutch risk firm called Fortrum   The Mortgage Finance Gazette Former Clayton CEO launches European due diligence and risk company CREDIT STRATEGY

Peter Wormskamp nieuwe associate partner Fortrum

Gisteren is aangekondigd dat The Dutch Mortgage Consultants (TDMC) verder gaat als Fortrum. Het bedrijf dat door Michel van der Sluis en Jaap van Raak enkele jaren geleden als TDMC is opgestart beleeft een voorspoedige groei. Michel van der Sluis: “we gaan verder onder de naam Fortrum. Een goede naam die zowel onze activiteiten in…

TDMC gaat verder onder de naam Fortrum en verstevigt hiermee haar internationale positie

In mei dit jaar is Fortrum opgericht als een joint venture met onze UK business partners. De activiteiten zijn gericht op Due Diligence en Risk Solutions. De consultancy activiteiten werden tot nu toe uitgevoerd onder The Dutch Mortgage Consultants (TDMC). Vanaf 14 november worden de Nederlandse en Engelse Consultancy activiteiten aan Fortrum toegevoegd, zodat er…

It takes two to tango om de aflossingsvrije hypotheekschuld van € 340 miljard te lijf gaan

Vanaf 2034 bereikt een flink deel van het aantal aflossingsvrije hypotheken het einde van de looptijd. Te veel huishoudens beschikken dan over onvoldoende financiële middelen om af te lossen. In totaal bedraagt de Nederlandse aflossingsvrije schuld € 340 miljard. ‘Banken informeren hun klanten, maar it takes two to tango om dit probleem op te lossen’,…

Expats krijgen vaak onterecht geen hypotheek

Vanwege het valutarisico krijgen ‘expats met vreemde valuta’ sinds de invoering van de Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) veel moeilijker een hypotheek in ons land. ‘Dit is nu al ruim 2 jaar gaande, terwijl voor deze doelgroep juist wél een oplossing voorhanden is,’ aldus Michel van der Sluis, managing director van TDMC. Wat zijn ‘expats met…

The ECB published The state of the housing market in the euro area.

FORTRUM Director Jaap van Raak spreekt op het Later Life Lending congres in Londen. Mooi om inzichten tussen de NL en UK markt te delen.

Wij zijn verheugd om Peter Wormskamp als Associate Partner toe te voegen aan ons consultancy team. Peter Wormskamp welkom bij de club.

De NHG-premie die een huizenkoper betaalt voor zijn hypotheekverzekering daalt volgend jaar met slechts 0,1%. Dit is natuurlijk een flutkorting waar geen koper iets mee opschiet #onzin #NHG #hypotheek

Banken worstelen met vreemde valuta bij hypotheken: Ruim twee jaar na de invoering van de Europese hypotheekregels, de Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD), worstelen Nederlandse banken nog altijd met de waardering van inkomen uit niet-Eurolanden. Dit stelt…