Tony Ward


Tony Ward, based in London, is focused on business and relationship development in the UK mortgage and broad financial services sectors. Tony will also bring his significant executive experience to support the robust governance and strategic direction of the company.

  • Founder and CEO of Risk, mortgage and strategy consulting firm Home Funding Limited
  • Previously President and CEO of pan-European risk consultancy Clayton Euro Risk Limited
  • CEO Britannic Money PLC and Mortgage Trust
  • 40+ years banking, mortgage structured finance and risk professional
  • Founder & Group Treasurer Mortgage Funding Corporation PLC
  • Created and led Kleinwort Benson securitisation platform & first European RMBS
  • Pioneered the UK buy-to-let market & Current Account mortgages
  • Former Deputy Chairman Council of Mortgage Lenders & Chairman of IMLA

Simon Collingridge


Simon Collingridge, based in London, is focused on business development and ensuring effective delivery of services to UK clients. Simon will bring his significant experience in mortgages, credit ratings, risk analysis and structured finance for the development and delivery of bespoke risk solutions for clients and lead Fortrum’s strategic development in European jurisdictions beyond the UK & Netherlands.

  • 35 years financial services experience.
  • Director, Clayton Euro Risk.
  • Managing Director Structured Finance, Standard & Poor’s; headed EMEA Surveillance, Research and Servicer Evaluation group.
  • Head of UK Mortgage Operations, Alliance & Leicester & Credit Agricole.
  • Securitisation Manager, The Mortgage Corporation.
  • AFME Securitisation Executive Committee.
  • ECB Securitisation Working Group.

Michel van der Sluis


Michel van der Sluis, based in Utrecht, is responsible for strategic and and day to day business for all consultancy assigments in the Netherlands and management of the Dutch consultancy team. He is a seasoned financial professional with deep knowledge and practical experience of being a trusted partner for top tier financiel organisations.

  • 13 years’ experience in the financial services industry in the Netherlands
  • As a consultant supported large banks, international institutional investors, startup lenders & servicers
  • Worked in serval roles for ABN AMRO and ING
  • Former lobbyist at the Dutch Banking Association
  • Led the implementation of the Mortgage Credit Directive at several Banks and Mortgage Lenders

He is also involved in our Due Diligence assignments across Europe

Jaap van Raak


Jaap van Raak, based in Utrecht is responsible for strategic and the day to day business for all Due diligence of the company across Europe. He is a financial service professional that understands the front and the back end of the mortgage sector, a commercially driven and enthusiastic personality with a good network within the financial services industry.

  • 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry in the Netherlands
  • As a consultant supprted large banks, lenders, servicers and local governments
  • Worked in several roles for Mortgage Lenders and Banks
  • Previously worked at De Hypotheker and De Hypotheekshop managing the product range and product development
  • Was responsible for maintaining and enhancing the terms and conditions at The Dutch Mortgage Guarantee Fund (NHG).

He is also involved in consultancy assignments.